DCP05 for Leica Total Stations

DCP05 is on board 3D measurement software available for various Leica total stations. DCP05 is now available also for Leica Captivate series. DCP05 has been developed in close co-operation with leading large scaled assembly industry such as shipbuilding and paper machinery construction. PC tool for measurements preparation and results reporting is free of charge DCP Project.

DCP05 features are:

  • Two orientation methods, Left and Right handed coordinate system selection.
  • 3D point measurement in sensor or object coordinates making Immediate Actual-Design (x,y,z) coordinate comparison possible.
  • Change station procedure.
  • Selection and use of targeting tool.
  • Special functions like circle center and combining separate angle and distance measurements,
  • Calculations from point to point / to line / or to plane.
  • Angle between 3 points or two lines.
  • Roundness calculation.
  • Applications like 3D roller alignment, 3D shaft alignment and 3D line setting.
  • The latest version of DCP05 implements 2 new applications: simple point-by-point scanning and point cloud scanning.
  • For more information about DCP05 see Software Structure and Training Manual.

DCP05 is available for various Leica total stations:

  • Captivate TS10/TS13/TS16/TS60/MS60
  • Viva TS12/TS15
  • Nova MS50
  • CS15/CS20/CS35

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